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How to book dexter's

For you to book Dexter's, we recommend you to use the formula below, as it helps us get a better overview regarding your wishes in general.

In the formula, you're able to submit a non-committing inquiry suiting your wishes. When you have filled out the fields and submitted, an offer/offers suiting your wishes will be sent to your E-mail usually within 1-2 days. 


If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 22 72 82 55.


"A brilliant range of rum that can satisfy anyone who is looking for a trip to the Caribbean in Copenhagen. The service is always helpful and friendly. The customers treat each other like family. A speak-easy place that has everything you would expect from a Rum bar in Copenhagen. I warmly recommend passing by and having on of the brilliant cocktails on the menu at an affordable price."

— Tobias Rasmussen, August 2019


The bar does not bear the name of the owner for nothing. Dexter acts as a host and does his best to make sure you have a memorable time. The bartenders reflect this attitude and are incredibly friendly, attentive and competent. Dexter and the staff create a comfortable and open atmosphere where you go as a stranger and leave the bar as a friend. The cocktails are delicious, and there is a large selection.

Furthermore, the location is excellent, one is promptly in the city centre and public transport. The last plus point is the music, which is always on point. The Caribbean, afrobeat, dancehall sound makes you chill, relax or dance - however you feel.

— Caroline Tussing, July 2020


not just your usual "bar"

At Dexter's we strive to create an event suiting your wishes the best way possible. Because of this, whether you wish to host a grand birthday or a simple get-together with your friends, please remember to feel inspired and not limited by the fact that we are a bar/café. We strive only to think: Your vision + our innovation = event solutions, also making it possible to host the biggest day of your life, such as a wedding, at your favourite Caribbean bar. 

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